Bragg Creek’s Historic Trading Post Celebrates 90 Years In Operation

Bragg Creek’s Historic Trading Post Celebrates 90 Years In Operation – Here’s a roundup of Rocky View Weekly’s top 10 “country road” stories of 2022, as selected by the editorial board:

1 / 1 The historic Irricana Hotel is for sale for almost $90,000. Lauryn Heintz/Rocky View Weekly

Bragg Creek’s Historic Trading Post Celebrates 90 Years In Operation

In 2022, the Irricana Hotel – a dilapidated historic Irricana site – was sold to a Calgary resident who wants to restore the crumbling building to its former glory with the help of a new local manager who has ideas for creative ways to bring the hotel back to life. .

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Soon-to-be-retired Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) employee Kerry Tucker bought the hotel earlier this year and then enlisted the help of retired restaurateur and construction worker Alex Clark. Together they hope to restore the site. as a historic rest stop and tavern along Highway 9, directing travelers to the badlands of east-central Alberta.

“We started crying when we saw the extent of the damage and how much work remains to be done,” he said of the ongoing project. “But together, we told ourselves, we have the experience and we know we can save it.”

As they completed the restoration project, they found artifacts they hope to preserve for future generations, including a wall originally painted by Western artist Guy M. Welch.

The duo’s goal is to open the hotel in phases with the first floor open to the public by July 1, 2023, in time for the Canada Day festivities.

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Clark said the community response so far has been overwhelmingly positive, and the team plans to meet with the town of Irricana early next year to discuss the project in depth.

“I thought [the project] was an opportunity to give something back to the community,” Tucker said of the purchase. “To me, it’s an old building that would be part of Badlands history, and if I can continue, I’d like to keep the old building because there aren’t many left.”

The village of Beiseker celebrated its 101st birthday on the 10th-12th. June after the original centenary celebrations in 2021 were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The anniversary celebration included a parade, fireworks, barbecue and new art in the city to commemorate, in line with the theme “Pioneers and Progress”.

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According to Shelley Schneider, co-chair of the centennial committee, the theme helped with the planning and discussion surrounding the centennial celebration.

“We wanted to thank the pioneers because they gave so much blood, sweat and tears over the years,” she said. “Also, society has changed and evolved and we have to recognize what is here now and the progress that has been made.”

The committee hired artist Glen Collin to paint a new mural in Beiseker to commemorate the community’s centennial. The mural was intended to celebrate the pioneers of the past and the progress of the village over the past 100 years.

Last summer’s festivities also included a wedding-themed fashion show highlighting century wedding attire, a community parade, performances, concerts, community dinners, breakfasts and more.

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Originally scheduled for June 2021, Beiseker residents had to wait a year for the community’s centennial.

According to Beiseker Mayor Warren Wise, delaying the milestone was a difficult decision, but it gave the community more time to prepare.

“It was disappointing but with everything that was organised, I’m not sure it wasn’t necessarily a bit of a blessing in disguise,” he said. “It gave us a bit of a break, but nevertheless [we] want to have [celebrated] on official time.”

W. G. The Murdoch School at Crossfield’s long-awaited new accessible playground was finally unveiled on October 13 at a grand opening in association with the Friends of W.G. Murdoch Society – a non-profit organization that raises funds for student-focused projects.

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The opening of the playground followed a four-year fundraising campaign and featured appearances and short speeches from WG Murdoch School Principal Derek Keenan, Friends of WG Murdoch President Tracey Oldale and other local dignitaries.

According to Keenan, the school and its supporters began their fundraising effort in 2019 when it became clear that the school’s students in grades 6 through 12 had very little to do during recess and after school.

In partnership, WG Murdoch School and the Friends of WG Murdoch group have held fundraising events such as clothing drives and casinos, and they have also sold fundraising merchandise over the years.

“Overall, it’s just been a really big community effort, and it’s been huge throughout the community to see that progress made, even though COVID has slowed it down a little bit,” Keenan said.

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Oldalesa says that although Crossfield has a park and a playground at the nearby elementary school, it was not suitable for older children to hang out or play there.

“We want our children to be children. Turn off the devices and go play, interact with each other, get some fresh air,” she said. “In order for kids to do that, we have to give them the space to do that.”

She added that the playground – designed for children of all abilities to enjoy – will be an inclusive and accessible playground for all young people in Crossfield to “embrace and enjoy for years to come”.

A Rocky View Lodge resident checked off a bucket list this summer, took to the skies and jumped out of a plane at the age of 90.

North Carolina Historical Review [1955

After waiting over a month for favorable weather conditions, Luytzen “Luke” Mouthaant took part in skydiving in sync with skydiving, jumping out of a plane while hovering above Beiseker Airport with Extreme Skydiving Calgary.

The Dutchman was stunned by the feat and showed he was down to earth in more ways than one.

“Jumping out of the plane was nothing,” he said in a Dutch accent. “It was simple – the door opened and we jumped. I’m not afraid of heights.

Mouthaan’s friends and family watched excitedly from below as he slowly made his nearly 20-minute flight and, strapped to an instructor, plunged 10,000 feet to the ground.

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Afterwards, he and the audience had celebratory drinks at the airport restaurant, Flying Monkey, while watching Mouthaan’s video shoot.

“Her face was smiling from ear to ear,” said Brenda Campbell, social and recreation coordinator at Rocky View Lodge, who joked that she felt like a proud parent afterward. “I feel like one of my kids is doing something really, really wonderful — so proud.”

Mouthaan was no stranger to the skies before the jump, as he spent 26 years in the Dutch Air Force and Army, but never had the chance to jump out of a plane in his career.

“Many years ago I had a mind to do it and now I turned 90 I said, ‘Now I have to do it,'” he said.

North Carolina Historical Review [1940

He added that his favorite part of skydiving was the 40-second free fall, during which he reached speeds of up to 200 kilometers per hour.

The town of Crossfield has partnered with Sony Pictures and Netflix Productions in 2022 to provide permanent locations for the filming of a new Netflix series based on the book.

The story follows Jackie Howard (played by Nikki Rodriguez), an original and decent perfectionist whose life is turned upside down by tragedy and who must learn to let her hair down to adapt to her new surroundings.

According to Crossfield Superintendent Sue Keenan, the community really embraced the production, cast and crew. She added that Crossfield’s recently adopted film policy has really helped keep the business running like clockwork.

North Carolina Historical Review [1956

The policy is designed to set guidelines for the creative industries to ensure that the City’s assets and the rights, safety and privacy of its citizens are protected.

“[The strategy] definitely streamlines the process and the production,” Keenan said. “People are always happy to know what the expectations are and it’s all very fluid, made clear in this policy.”

Keenan said Crossfield’s recent popularity with production studios stems from the town’s availability as a “one-stop-shop” location, offering a little bit of everything with a small-town feel.

Filming locations in the city include WG Murdoch School, the Pete Knight Memorial Arena car park and two separate locations on Railway Street.

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“When they come to town, they deal with me initially and I make sure that everything from the town’s perspective is aligned as it needs to be,” she said. “So it’s actually quite perfect and it works very, very well.”

The Meadowlark Trail Society, a group of Beiseker and Irricana residents passionate about the development and preservation of the unopened Meadowlark Trail, saw the continued development of the trail this year and accepted an award in recognition of their contributions to the project.

The Meadowlark Trail, part of the Trans Canada Trail network, was developed in collaboration with the Alberta Trail Map and the Trans Canada Trail.

The 9.75 kilometer hiking and biking trail connecting Beiseker and Irricana is being built on a disused Canadian Pacific Railway line donated to Alberta TrailNet in 2005. Development on the trail began in 2019 and is nearing completion, although the development has yet to officially open .

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