Donald Trump’s Digital Trading Cards Lose Value Rapidly In One Week

Donald Trump’s Digital Trading Cards Lose Value Rapidly In One Week – The NFT was priced at $99 and featured images of former US presidents, including superheroes, astronauts and race car drivers.

Former US President Donald Trump says his digital trading card collection will be a “Christmas present”. Photo: STF/AFP/Getty Images

Donald Trump’s Digital Trading Cards Lose Value Rapidly In One Week

Despite widespread mockery online, former US President Donald Trump’s digital trading card collection has sold for $4.5 million in one day.

Donald Trump Mocked After Hyped Announcement Turns Out To Be Nfts Of Him As Cowboy, Astronaut

On Wednesday, Trump alerted fans to a “big announcement” on his social media platform. A day later, the 45th president of the United States revealed that he was offering a “limited edition card of amazing art from my life and career,” which he promised would be “like a baseball card, but more exciting.” .

The cards feature the 76-year-old former army chief preparing to wrestle in a boxing ring, a race car driver, an astronaut and on a football field. Each card bears his presidential number 45

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) were sold on the open market, available for sale through a dedicated site. On Friday, the site announced that the card was sold out.

The NFTs were priced at $99 each and 45,000 were sold just like other NFTs, the buyer retains ownership of the specific digital token, but the image itself can be widely copied and shared online.

There Are 11 Types Of Donald Trump Enablers. Which One Are You?

While the nature of digital images means there is an unlimited supply as long as the user knows how to click and store, a limited supply of NFTs was offered as part of the launch.

Those who bought the card were also entered into a contest to win prizes, including dinner with Trump at Mar-a-Lago, golf with the former president or a Zoom call.

It comes as Trump faces legal pressure as a lawsuit over his business continues and the House Judiciary Committee considers criminal charges against him on January 6.

Trump is also under pressure in the Republican Party after announcing he would seek the GOP nomination in 2024 amid poor results for Republicans in November’s midterm elections, which he blames on Trump. Former US President Donald Trump’s digital trading cards have lost nearly 72 percent of their value in a week, according to a report.

Trump Nfts Crater With Daily Sales Down 98% From Peak

. This is based on the Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) analysis conducted by the OpenSea Marketplace, which tracks the sales of these cards. Mr. Trump’s digital collection was released on December 15 and sold out in less than a day. NFTs were mocked online, but the creator was awarded $4.5 million

45,000 cards were on sale for $99 The former president also promoted these NFTs and increased their sales

OpenSia said that after the cards were sold, they were re-traded, increasing their value to $999 as of December 17.

But over the past week, the cards have dropped significantly — as low as $280 as of Dec. 24, according to Newsweek.

Trump Releases Digital Trading Cards

OpenSia also reported that the number of daily transactions also decreased from 6,661 on December 17 to 529 on December 22 and 260 on December 23.

NFTs are usually collected as virtual art and used for cryptocurrencies using similar programming. Such NFT is based on blockchain technology

The digital cards featured a variety of themes and showed Mr Trump in several incarnations – as a superhero, an astronaut, a sheriff and a NASCAR driver.

Vendors were treated to private Zoom calls, a special dinner and meet-and-greet with Mr. Trump at his luxury private Palm Beach resort. Other items include autographed memorabilia and a round of golf with the former president and your friends.

Inside The War Between Trump And His Generals

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Former President Donald Trump has announced that he will run for the White House. We may see him challenge in 2024

Americans learned Thursday that Donald Trump is moving into a digital trading card business that has the Internet laughing and even Trump supporters shaking their heads.

Well, you’re in luck Former President Donald Trump, the front-runner for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination (and federal impeachment), made what he called a “major announcement” on Thursday: He’s selling $99 digital trading cards that feature him They show it in the state.

Trump Rakes In $1 Million Selling Nft Trading Cards Of Himself: Report

On Friday, a must-see site that sells digital cards announced they’re sold out, just as I believe a Nigerian prince can get his fortune back if I send him my credit card and social security number.

These cards feature a significantly trimmed version of Trump, except his hands appear larger than mouse-like gloves. A speedster who somehow becomes the president of the United States in superhero regalia has lasers shooting out of his eyes. Another shows him wearing a cowboy hat and military fatigues, and what should be a “spark reflex” warning gives him a wink.

A “Dark Brandon” superhero meme mocking Trump for President Joe Biden’s success is being mocked by liberals. But Biden’s team didn’t create this meme, and they certainly didn’t try to monetize it.

After announcing his candidacy for the presidency, Trump’s many statements (by him) have excited both supporters and critics. When we heard it was the announcement of Trump’s latest money-making gambit, it was a bit of a sad trombone for supporters and about 20 minutes of non-stop laughter for critics.

Donald Trump Announces $99 Digital Trading Card Nfts

What came The undefeated two-time former president who invaded our nation’s capitol refused to participate in a peaceful transfer of power. (I wish there were no more Trumps.)

It’s funny until you think about the thousands of Trump loyalists who will soon be buying junk digital items for Christmas presents and handing their hard-earned money to a man who… well, a man who thinks he is. Deserves to be in high value digital trading cards

If most of us had a month with former President Donald Trump, we might consider hiding in bed or burying ourselves in the sand.

Not Trump. He received some rare events and survey numbers & mldr; And turned into a superhero with laser eyes

Trump’s Nfts Struggle, As Floor Price Drops 74% In 3 Days: What’s Next For His Web3 Adventure?

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Trump’s last “major announcement,” which most people ignored, was the “must-have” release of digital trading cards depicting the former president as a cowboy and an astronaut.

And of course these cards aren’t cheap for a pop as the more you buy the more likely other “rewards” like dinner with Trump

I admit it’s funny, but I find it disappointing that Trump is leading the way in fundraising, with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis backing Trump along with several big donors.

Trump Trading Cards Enter Nft Market That’s Dropped Dramatically

And several polls this week — including one by USA Today — show Trump backing him, with two-thirds of GOP and GOP voters leaning toward DeSantis in a hypothetical 2024 runoff.

Trump needs to recover from the terrible things his candidates did in the last midterm elections. Even Trump supporters felt it was time to move on.

All of this news should drive Trump crazy, but as much as he wants to be a superhero, the American people aren’t buying it

So you want to spend $100 on a high end digital image of your super fan stuff and take control?

Crypto Twitter Delves Into Strange, Sloppy Side Of Trump’s Nft Collection

Good news, I’m that person and for $100 you can be the proud owner of two self portraits of me taking a selfie and spitting out this art. The quality taste you can expect:

It is right. I’ll give you two for the price of one, because in this economy, anyone sane can have two masterpieces while spending $100 on bad photoshop.

And, frankly, what difference does it make? My way is you should send $100 to someone whose job it is to at least think about our democracy and do something to help it.

Another way you’re going to send $100 is to someone who recently proposed to repeal the Constitution and is trying their best to create a riot in hopes of canceling the election.

Trump’s New Nft Collection Is Already Losing Value In The Secondary Ma

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